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Container Recycling for Project GREEN

Please help Project GREEN live up to our name…we’d like to BE GREEN & RECYCLE your plastic pot containers from our annual Plant Sale. If you buy it at our sale – we can likely recycle it! Recycling is good for the environment and helps control costs for Project GREEN. We appreciate being a vehicle to recycle your containers, but also ask you to honor our specific guidelines in order not to overwhelm volunteers. We will also accept appropriate containers from local garden centers as long as they follow our guidelines and we do not exceed our storage limitations. SEE CONTAINER GUIDELINES

If your plastic pots are labeled with the recycling symbol and are clean #1 through 5 or #7, they can also be recycled through Iowa City curbside recycling on garbage days, taken to the Eastside Recycling Center, 2401 Scott Blvd. SE (open 24 hours) or taken to Republic Services (formerly City Carton) 3 East Benton Street (open 24 hours).

There are two ways you can recycle your containers and perforated flats with Project GREEN:
1) Bring your containers to this summer’s Project GREEN Garden Tour, Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 3:00 - 8:00 PM. Look for container recycling yard signs that will be located at several of the homes.
2) You may also recycle containers by contacting any of the recycling volunteers listed on our website. Volunteers will accept drop offs at their homes throughout the summer and fall of 2016, unless we accumulate too many pots in storage. Please adhere to the recycling guidelines below.
• We will only use clean, heavy gauge plastic pots!
*If you can crush a container with your hand, it is too flimsy for our use*
• No clay pots, rigid decorative pots, or hanging type planters
• We will not accept pots smaller than 4-5 inches or larger than 1 gallon
• No flimsy 4 or 6 pack cells
• No stickers, labels or writing on the sides of the pots or flats
• All pots and flats must be clean - rinsed out & free of soil
• Pots should arrive neatly stacked and organized by size in a garbage bag or cardboard box
• Flats – we only use open flats with perforations for water drainage (no round or square cells)
Thank you for recycling! Project GREEN is looking for a volunteer Recycling Coordinator. If you are interested, please contact one of the recycling volunteers listed on our website and we will be happy to visit with you about this important and rewarding job.
*Visit our website for more re-cycling information: