GREEN Grants for Schools

Project GREEN provides a source of funding for school campuses in the Iowa City Community School area through its GREEN Grants for Schools program.

A school group, often a parent group, decides it wants to change or enhance the landscaping on the campus of one of its buildings. Project GREEN offers guidelines for locating the services of a landscape architect/designer.

Project GREEN funds the design plan, and provides matching funds for the actual landscaping materials. It is important to note that funding is provided for plant materials and design, and not for such things as playground structures, benches, or other non-living materials.

Since the inception of GREEN Grants for Schools in 1978, Project GREEN has invested $231,025 in assisting schools to landscape and beautify their school grounds. Since 2000, $74,258 has been issued for plant materials for school campuses, the installation of landscape plantings, and professional landscape designs.

There are many reasons to consider applying for GREEN grant funds. Diseased, dying or damaged plant material might need replacing; or building construction or reconfiguration of playground usage may demand landscape refurbishment.

GREEN grant funds have been used for projects ranging from single tree replacement to the landscaping and refurbishing of an entire campus.

We have granted the Kindergarten Tree Program $8,530 in the past five years to purchase trees to support curricular objectives. We plant one tree each year on the school grounds for each kindergarten class in the Iowa City Community School District, in partnership with Iowa City Landscaping.

Questions can be directed to Mary Gantz (319) 338-4406

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