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What is Project GREEN?

A citizen-volunteer nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization that invests in public landscaping projects and promotes environmental awareness in the greater Iowa City area. The group focuses its efforts on beautifying green spaces, parks, major community entryways, roadsides, and median

parkways, as well as all public school grounds within the Iowa City Community

School District. By working cooperatively with city, county, state, and school

district officials, Project GREEN benefits the life of our community

by enhancing our natural environment.


How many volunteers are there?

More than 300.


Why is “GREEN” in capital letters?

It's an acronym for Grow to Reach Environmental Excellence Now.


How does Project GREEN do its work?

The group has contributed almost $2 million to complete more than 30 city and county landscaping projects.


It funds landscape design and/or provides matching grants to all schools in the Iowa City Community School District.


The Sunday Garden Forums, an annual wintertime series of programs for the year-round gardener, is co-sponsored by Project GREEN and the Iowa City Public Library. These free events are videotaped live for replay on the library's Iowa City Cable TV Channel 10, and are also available for checkout by library patrons.


How is Project GREEN financed?

Annual fundraising events are held, and we also rely on monetary and in-kind gifts from individual and business contributors and sponsors to supply the resources needed to complete projects


When does the group meet?

Open meetings are held at 11:30 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month (except August), at the Ashton House, 820 Park Road, Iowa City. A Steering Committee provides self-governance of the organization.



Project GREEN is recognized by the Iowa Urban Forestry Council for its urban reforestation and landscaping efforts.


The Above and Beyond initiative of former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack recognized Project GREEN's GREEN Grants for Schools program for implementing landscape projects and promoting environmental awareness among children and teens in Iowa.


How do I get more information?

A biannual newsletter is sent to approximately 3,000 friends of Project GREEN. The website,, also provides notice of annual events, raises awareness of local horticultural concerns, and includes information on offering financial and volunteer support for its many area projects.


For more information, contact:

Diane Allen