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Gardening, Horticultural, and Community Resources


Sunday Garden Forum Videotapes

A series of lectures for the year-round gardener have been co-sponsored by

Project GREEN and the Iowa City Public Library. DVDs of these forums are

available for checkout by library patrons, and they are aired on the library's

Iowa City Cable TV Channel 10; the Library Channel schedule appears in the

local newspapers and can be found on the library's website,


Garden Forum DVDs available at the Iowa City Library

Annuals that make a difference DVD 635.9312

Annuals Bulbs and peonies DVD 635.94 Naeve

Common landscape trees of Johnson County DVD 635.977 Vitoshrsr

Dad and his roses: Griffith Buck and Buck Roses DVD 635.933734 Buck

Eastern Iowa's spring wildflowers DVD 581.9777 Eastern

Fork to fork: The joys of edible & floral horticulture DVD 635 Fork

Garden methods and messages DVD 712.6 Zieke

Gardening with an eye on design DVD 712.6 Lee

Going to pot: container gardening DVD 635.986 Gay

Grasses in the garden DVD 635.9349 Gay

Healthy tree landscaping DVD 635.977 Healthy

Hostas DVD 635.93432 Zilis

How to be creative in your own back yard DVD 712.6 Boon

The kitchen garden DVD 635 Kitchen

Making your garden dreams come true DVD 712.6 Zieke

Managing backyard prairie and wooded areas DVD 635.95 Managing Order and creativity in the garden DVD 712.6 Temple

Plant diseases DVD 635.049 Engelbre

Planting new trees and maintaining damaged ones DVD 635.977 Wray

Putting your garden to bed: preparing for spring DVD 635 Rinderspache

Shade gardening DVD 635.934 Jauron

The uses and care of clematis DVD 635.93334 Beldin

Using roses in the landscape DVD 635.933734 David

Water in the garden: First pond decisions and mistakes DVD 714 Shepardson

Your house, your garden DVD 712.6 Hayward


For more information, go to and search under Project GREEN.



Iowa City Community Compost

Every year, within just a few miles of Iowa City, tons of quality compost is produced from local yard clippings, grass and leaves. The Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center accepts about 6,500 tons of organic yard waste material from all of Johnson County and the cities of Kalona and Riverside. The landfill is currently seeking DNR approval to compost food waste with the yard waste.


At the landfill, the plant materials are ground and pushed into windrows so the composting process can begin. The windrows, which are about 200 feet long, 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall, are turned monthly to maintain ideal temperature, moisture and oxygen levels. This enables happy bugs to break the materials down well and kill any weed seeds in the mix. In six to nine months, the compost is tested for “doneness,” screened to remove large particles, and cured for 30 days. The finished “Iowa City Community Compost” is offered for sale to the public and contractors at $10 per ton. The minimum purchase is $1.00 for up to 200 pounds. Landfill staff will happily load trucks or trailers with an end-loader, but customers should be prepared to load smaller amounts by hand, so bring a shovel!


Please contact the Recycling Coordinator with any questions about compost at 319-887-6160.


ECO Iowa City

The Iowa City Public Library (ICPL) and the Iowa City Public Works Department received a $57,000 Innovation Grant from the International City Managers Association which was funded by the Gates Foundation. The purpose of the Innovation Grant is to support projects developed by local governments that utilize their public libraries in addressing local needs and providing new services with lasting benefits to their communities.


The ECO Iowa City project was one of nine grants awarded out of 515 applications from across the country. The grant duration is 18 months and will conclude in the fall of 2010. Grant administrators are Jennifer Jordan, Recycling Coordinator, Public Works Department , and Maeve Clark, Information Services Coordinator, Iowa City Public Library. The focus of ECO Iowa City is to promote environmental sustainability in four areas: urban composting , local food, energy conservation, and smart waste disposal. In the first nine months of the grant ECO Iowa City has partnered with over 35 organizations and groups including Project GREEN, as well as city, county and state department and agencies. Programs and promotions have varied from an expired pharmaceutical collection and e-waste disposal event to providing information on composting and recycling at nine Iowa City Farmers Markets and the Johnson County Fair. ECO Iowa City also co-sponsored programs on local foods and energy conservation as well as a film festival and book discussion related to local foods. Other programs promoted home composting and vermicomposting and included an option of purchasing a compost bin or a worm composting bin at a reduced price. To date ECO Iowa City has reached about 6,300 Iowa City area residents through events and presentations.


For more information on ECO Iowa City and to see upcoming programming and events click on