Project GREEN’s Mission

This beauty makes life better for everyone.
(south side of Highway 6, Iowa City)

Project GREEN’s 1969 Annual Report to the community set forth this statement as a founding principle (bold added):

“It is our belief that the visual impression our community makes upon new arrivals and visitors and the pleasures we derive from living here are the sum total of the imagination, consideration and care that we each put into the development, improvement and maintenance of our own homes, businesses and industries and that we collectively expect, encourage and support in our public improvements. It is of this philosophy that Project GREEN was born and we hope will continue to grow.”

In 1968, Project GREEN’s name was established as an acronym for “Grow to Reach Environmental Excellence Now,” and a series of goals was adopted by the new organization:

  • To promote high standards of design in architecture, landscape architecture and community planning, as well as high standards of maintenance and cleanliness in our community
  • To serve as a forum for beautification and improvement ideas
  • To encourage the preservation of open spaces, natural features and historic landmarks
  • To support, supplement and recommend beautification projects of governmental agencies and volunteer committees
  • To stimulate citizens to make improvement on their individual properties and to work toward an improved overall community appearance

Project GREEN has remained true to its founding goals and over our fifty-year history we have raised and expended over two million dollars for the landscaping and beautification of public green spaces in our community. We are proud to remain an all-volunteer organization and carry on with the work which our founders envisioned. We are looking forward to the next fifty years!