It can be surprisingly difficult to write short descriptions of our own gardens. We’re so close to our gardens as their creators that it’s hard to see them from the point of potential visitors — and almost impossible to use only 30 words to describe them.

And while we don’t want to seem to brag, we need to describe our gardens in ways that will attract visitors, yet also be accurate and truthful. We don’t want visitors leaving disappointed because the description led them to believe it would be much larger/nicer/____er than in reality. But we also don’t want to undersell our gardens, so that potential visitors miss out on what could have been an inspiring visit.

Don’t be afraid to advertise your garden’s strengths and positives.

Tips: Try to briefly mention:

  • Any style influences, English, Japanese, Prairie, etc.
  • any key plants (your noted collection of roses or hostas)
  • one or two garden descriptive words: shady, sunny, formal, overgrown, enclosed
  • one or two general descriptive words: delightful, relaxing, magnificent, fragrant, serene
  • the phrases “award-winning” or “featured in X Magazine” if applicable

And a touch of enthusiasm helps: people like to visit gardens made by passionate, enthusiastic gardeners.

Sample Descriptions (under 30 words) (modified from descriptions of Buffalo Garden Walk gardens, with thanks for their creativity):

East meets West in a secret city garden designed for contemplation and relaxation. Water garden with koi reflects goddess and roses. Many varieties of clematis, hostas and ferns.

Welcome to our garden, where Scottish beach meets Sherwood Forest. Rock garden with recycled materials. Evergreens and cactus highlight the front garden, back features koi pond and goldfish.

Victorian cottage garden features oriental lilies, daylilies, perennials and roses. In the back are a shade garden, bird bath, a rock garden featuring miniature hostas and stone hardscaping.

Magnificent wisteria framing doorway, rhododendrons, wedding cake topiary hedges, primordial ferns, ornamental plum, variegated hydrangea, paver-lined sidewalks, all backed by towering arborvitae. Visit our award-winning garden!

Front garden features a colorful array of annuals and perennials, while rear garden contains organic vegetable beds, Northern Spy apple tree, a chicken coop and aquaponics system.

Looking for something different? Come see our rooftop gardens and be inspired: Native plants and succulents adorn our living green roofs creating a beautiful oasis in the city.

You’ll be bowled over by the floral and sculptural elements of this whimsical garden. Perennials and annuals plus a totem pole and fountains add to the charm!

Plenty of shade in the backyard with rodgersia, ferns and epimedium. Understory shrubs, oakleaf hydrangea and a pagoda dogwood add texture. A stewartia and hibiscus add color.

Home of some of the happiest bees in town, our garden is an array of brilliant colors and textures! Featured in magazines, local TV and several weddings.

In-ground pool and spa surrounded by perennials. New beds added in front. Featured in Garden Gate, Great Gardens and Bed & Borders magazines.