Final 2023 Message – Ashton House Project GREEN Gardens (AHPGG)

Hi All,

It makes me smile thinking about the AHPGG asleep with its perennial roots, bulbs, rhizomes all snuggled into their underground winter homes.  Zzz…

I have a few announcements to send to my Project GREEN friends.

The December 4 meeting at the Ashton House has been cancelled. Our previous party-planning meeting was held November 6 from 9 – 11 a.m.  There were 12 volunteers in attendance:  Pat Yeggy, Dhyana Kaufman, Jo Pattschull, Rina Sjolund, Susan Ahrens, Monica Hoherz, Sue Terveer-Mullins, Evelyn Frey, Lisa Haverkamp, Linda Schreiber, Cindy Parsons, and moi.  A lot was discussed with committees put in place for the June, 2024 party.  A few volunteers attended to end-of-year tasks after the meeting with a total of 3 hours added to our Project GREEN work for the morning’s efforts.  Please mark your calendars for March 4, 2024 from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Ashton House for our next party-planning meeting.

The November 13 Celebration Brunch was filled with lots of food, drink, and Project GREEN discussions.  A picture show (nearly 500 pictures) was in view with photos from May 1 to October 23 (weeks 1 – 26) showing efforts by Project GREEN volunteers during our 2023 year.   The 16 in attendance were:  Larry Allen, Cindy Parsons, Sue Terveer-Mullins, Erin Buscher, Pat Yeggy, Susan Ahrens, Evelyn Frey, Dhyana Kaufman, Mary Laughlin, Roger Swartz, Rina Sjolund, William Blair, Linda Schreiber, Jo Pattschull, Monica Hoherz, and moi.  The brunch lasted 2 1/2 hours and was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, some guests left before taking their party favors.  

The 2023 Project GREEN newsletter is finished and should be in mailboxes the first full week of December.  If you did not receive yours, please check our website: for the digital newsletter. 

And here is the FINAL accounting of volunteer hours for Project GREEN 2023’s total.  Larry and I brought our home dolly to move front yard containers inside the Ashton House porch on November 5 (two hours).  Sue Terveer-Mullins watered the 31 newly planted boxwood November 14 (three hours).  Diane and Cindy met with Juli Seydell-Johnson and Brad Barker for an hour November 7 to discuss changes for the 2024 Ashton House (two hours).  Seven Project GREEN volunteers met with the Parks and Recreation Committee November 8.  Those in attendance were:  Cindy Parsons, Rina Sjolund, Pat Yeggy, Linda Schreiber, Dhyana Kaufman, Larry Allen, and moi.  Volunteers were allowed to comment for 3 minutes each telling of the Gardens and their importance to our community (7 hours).   

Here are the numbers for the final reckoning at the Ashton House 2023 Project GREEN Gardens.   Weeks 1 – 26 +  November 6 party planning meeting + November 13 brunch + final volunteer hours = 927 1/2 hours + 27 hours + 40 hours + 14 hours =

1008 1/2 hours

for 2023’s Project GREEN volunteers!

Congratulations and Many Thanks to Project GREEN Volunteers!

Wishing my Project GREEN volunteer friends a happy holiday season!  Diane  

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