Week 23, October 2, 2023 Ashton House Project GREEN Gardens

Hi All,

The last steps of Operation Boxwood were completed Monday, October 2 by 11 a.m.!  There were 15 Project GREEN volunteers for our 23rd week at the AHPGG.  So much was accomplished in our two hours together.   Thankfully I have pictures to prove our efforts.

Those in attendance were:  Hetty Hall, Erin Buscher, Pat Yeggy, Susan Ahrens, Mary Laughlin (one hour), Rina Sjolund, Sue Mullins, Jo Pattschull, Monica Hoherz, Evelyn Frey, Mary McCarthy, Jim Peters, Bill Blair (three hours total), Larry Allen, and moi (3 1/2 hours).  The AHPGG received ZERO inches of rain since we last met.  All volunteers earned two volunteering hours unless otherwise noted.  On Friday afternoon, Larry and I spent an hour each watering 31 boxwood.   This is truly a gifted group of gardeners.  

The parking spot along the west side of the long driveway can now be seen and used near a sidewalk leading to the AH front door. Volunteers tell me it will finished by the end of Week 24’s work session. Well done and thanks!

The little red wagon was moved last week to a sunnier spot along the north side of the garage. It’s now flowering again with mini snap dragons and red salvia. This rolling garden has been a big hit in its first year and volunteers are planning to plant two red wagons in 2024.

If anyone has an unused red wagon to donate, Project GREEN would greatly appreciate it! Leave your donated red wagon in front of the garage and we will get it parked in the AH garage for winter. Thanks!

This spot along the south side of the parking lot held two truck loads of mulch for Project GREEN to use with Operation Boxwood. As you can see little mulch remained after our two hours together. Thanks to Iowa City’s Tyler Baird, we have another two truck loads filling this spot to finish our 2023 work. Many thanks!

Mulch was used to widen a pathway from the parking lot to planted flowerbeds along the hiking/biking trail.

Operation Boxwood

Thanks to Beth Cody and family for donating 31 boxwood to the AHPGG! Thanks to Project GREEN volunteers for planting 31 boxwood! Here are pictures showing the results.

Here are the numbers after 23 weeks together at the AHPGG. Weeks 1 – 22 + Week 23 = 827 1/2 hours + 35 1/2 hours =

863 hours for 2023 Project GREEN volunteers!

Please mark your calendars for a celebration brunch planned Monday, November 13 from 9 – 11 a.m. (or longer). There will be more information about the brunch later, but please mark your calendar to attend.

Our next session is planned Monday, October 9 from 9 – 11 a.m. We have 100 daffodils to plant and watering duties for our flower beds. Looking forward to seeing my Project GREEN friends. Until then, happy gardening! Diane

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