Week 24, October 9, 2023 Ashton House Project GREEN Gardens

Hi All,

Project GREEN volunteers are in the last weeks taking care of the 2023 AHPGG.  We have accomplished LOTS this year and will use our next few weeks to review our successes and plan for the future.  It is a bitter-sweet time.  

There were 8 Project GREEN volunteers in attendance Monday morning, October 9th.  The mighty gardening group consisted of: Rina Sjolund, Mary Laughlin, Monica Hoherz, Jim Peters, Pat Yeggy, Evelyn Frey, Cindy Parsons, and moi.  We had one volunteer stay an extra hour. Otherwise all received 2 hours for their time at the AHPGG.  Our rain gauge both front and back of the house was dry for the past week.  The Monday morning temperature at 9 a.m. was 45 degrees.  Our goals for week 24 included: watering the newly planted 31 boxwood and any other very thirsty plants, planting 100 daffodils in Evelyn’s Corner, clearing the driveway and sidewalks of walnuts & debris, and moving mulch to needed locations around the parking lot and Park Road sidewalk.  All goals were completed and most volunteers were on their way home by 11 a.m. as planned.    

I took one picture to show what was accomplished during week 24. 

If you look closely at the concrete in front of volunteer Jim Peters, you can see the remaining outline of the area where mulch had been piled. Next, imagine the height of mulch near the top of Jim’s head. In two hours Project GREEN volunteers moved copious amounts of mulch using the wheel barrel pictured and five gallon buckets. Lots of work, but oh so satisfying. Many thanks to Project GREEN volunteers!

Here are the numbers after 24 weeks volunteering at the 2023 AHPGG. Weeks 1 – 23 + Week 24 = 863 hours + 17 hours = 880 hours volunteering at our beloved Gardens.

Kudos to Project GREEN volunteers for this remarkable achievement! Our hard work has truly paid off with increased park-like beauty and gardening friendships. My heart is filled with JOY.

Volunteers have three more Mondays to continue caring for the AHPGG. Our next work session will be Monday, October 16 from 9 – 11 a.m. It will be fun to learn how much rain is in our gauges.

Also, I have very exciting news to report! Looking forward to seeing Project GREEN volunteers. Until then, happy gardening! Diane

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